Street Legal Golf Cart DG-LSV2

Ongolf is the official distributor in Spain of DG-LSV2, a street legal golf cart homologated by EU not only used on golf courses, but also on public roads.

We introduce the DG-LSV2

Can you imagine being able to drive to your golf course, in your golf cart, driving legally and safely without the threat of traffic penalties? Play your 18 holes and drive back home without getting out of your cart.

Can you imagine everything you can use it for? Go to the cafe and buy a nice cup of coffee, go shopping, buy a newspaper, visit your friends… The possibilities are endless!!

It is not simply an electric golf cart!

Enjoy a versatile electric vehicle and amortize your investment quickly. The DG-LSV2 is not just a golf cart.

  • Adaptable: Two speed modes with the starter key.
  • Silent and respectful of the environment.  An electric motor that will make you forget about acoustic emissions and pollutants.
  • Safe and equipped. Equipped with safety belts, disc brakes, hydraulic suspension, handbrake, front and rear lights and turn signals.

Spacious and compactable. The DG-LSV2 has a multi-purpose basket and clubs bag tray. In addition, when you are not carrying it, you can attach the back cover and use the space as a small trunk.

Ask for a test drive!!

The best way to appreciate all that the DG-LSV2 has to offer is to try it out for yourself.  Request a test drive now. You will be pleasantly surprised. We guarantee it.

If you would like to receive more information about our street legal carts, ask any questions or make an appointment with one of our consultants, please call us or fill out the contact form and we will be happy to assist you.

  • AC motor: No brushes, more range, more power.
  • Trojan Batteries: The best in the world for this kind of vehicle.
  • Filling System.: Easy, clean and improves batteries live and maintenance.
  • 10’’ Sport Tires
  • Multipurpose basket and club bags tray.
  • Lid Trunk top. Take advantage of the hollow of club bags when you don’t play golf.
  • Side and center mirrors.
  • Two speed modes with the starter key:
    • Mode 1: Speed limit 24 Km/h for golf courses.
    • Mode 2: Speed limit 40 Km/h for public roads.
  • Speed meter
  • Safety belts
  • Sport steering wheel
  • Glove compartment (locked)
  • Brake and turn lights
  • Street legal:  L6 enrollment like a motorbike.
  • Onboard Charger: Charge your car into any plug by pulling extension cord.
  • Hydraulic Suspension.
  • Disc front brakes and drum rear brakes.
  • Handle Parking Brake.
  • Horn
  • Cross and long lights.
  • Glass windshield.
  • Wiper washer.

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